We Love The Bash Collection Eyewear By Amber Rose

In her website Amber discloses how proud she is to launch the Bash Collection, Eyewear. And yes, we are as excited as she is.

In a comment she made, she says “I have always had a passion for eyewear since I was a small kid. As I grew older, I had the opportunity to travel the world collecting sunglasses. Admiring the work and craftsmanship of many designers, my Rosebuds know, I lovingly call my sunglasses “my sons and daughters.” and we are proud she had actually over the years, come up with a collection of her own.

“In 2015, it was finally time for me to design my own eyewear. I’ve taken notes and cues from the world’s greatest designers and brands. But I wanted to do something unique and special. My team and I spent many months getting this first collection just right. I came up with designs so special it is worthy of the name Bash – my first and only son. Each piece is crafted with love and pride. We use only high grade materials, hinges and lenses to create the unique shapes and frames of this Collection.” she stated

I hope you enjoy all the pieces of the Bash Collection as much as we do.








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