Taste off: Food Festivals “A Lagos Culinary Experience”

Taste off Food Festivals aims to showcase the rich diversity in Nigerian Cuisine and delicacies in a bid to create awareness about Nigeria’s rich food culture. This 5th landmark edition is a continuation of re-writing the history of Nigerian cuisine and its impact on generations to come with the ultimate objective of evolving into a food-loving tourist’s dream.


• Promote Nigerian Cuisine and Food Recipes & promote the production of quality, locally produced foods, to encourage healthy eating and community health.
• Raise national awareness about food, the way it is produced and the costs (health, environmental etc.) how it is Distributed, sold and eaten

• Celebrate good food and conviviality and make this once again an important part of people’s lives”. • Generate increased demand for local and sustainably produced food through education and promotion.
• Promote the city of Lagos as a National Culinary Haven

• Become a platform for gathering Food Enthusiasts
• Promote Tourism and culture
• Promote & Increase the availability and access to healthy local food to urban communities.
• Involve the wider community (schools, local businesses, hospitals, community groups etc.) in raising this awareness.
• Unite Brands, Friends & Families with food

The Event

• We are promoting Nigerian Cuisine, Restaurants, and Influences from around the world within the following categories:
• Food
• Drinks & Beverage

• Brands and Lifestyle
• Food takes center stage at the Festival, but live entertainment is an essential component that elevates the event from an average tasting to a world-class festival by the showcase of Lagos best restaurants, Taste off Lagos 2017 Edition is full of food.
• Guests can watch professional chefs perform in the demonstrations, find the best pairing through the restaurant and food exhibitor sampling and participate in the variety of sideline events and activities.

What we are looking for?

• 100 food vendors, exhibitors, manufacturers, local producers and service providers in the food and beverage industry with estimated total sales off 25 – 30 million Naira across 15,000 plates and servings

Event Facts

• When:
• How Long:
• Where:
• Who are we expecting?
Expecting at least10, 000 guests 100 food vendors and exhibitors showcasing the cuisine of highly recognizable restaurants and hotels, 10 Corporate Exhibiting Brands.

• Target Attending and Participating Audience Demographic:
Families; adults, teens, children, Corporate, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations

Key Attractions for Taste Off 2017

• 1 Day Foodie Event
• VIP lounge catered and dedicated butler service
• International Food Pavilion
• A host of Fine wine and champagne on the menu
• Children food and entertainment area.
• Live cooking shows demonstration and competitions • Music and Entertainment
• Admission FREE


Sunday, November 19, 2017. 11am – 10pm daily One-day Event
Eko Atlantic Waterfront Victoria Island Lagos.


Ø Abisola Dejonwo-Tokan (Festival Director)

The Founder and Creator of the Taste off Nigeria Food Festival Brand. A passionate food lover and an astute businesswoman with 10 years experience in the baking industry and 5 years as Festival Director Taste off Nigeria Food Festivals.

Ø Taofick Okoya (Event Coordinator)

CEO of Fico Solutions Ltd, with vast experience in concepts and development of fresh ideas. Taofick is the creator of the first Nigerian fashion dolls which is internationally known and accepted.
As the event coordinator for the taste of Lagos for the past 5 years, Taofick brings fresh creative ideas to make Taste of Lagos the foremost food festival in Lagos and Nigeria.

Ø Safiat Alabi Macfoy
General Manager
A Consummate HR Professional with 10-year work experience and a passion for event planning and coordinating. A key team player of the Taste off Nigeria Food Festival Brand

Ø Brand Dynamix Branding and Visuals

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