See This Man Absolutely Nail a Boudoir Shoot for His Wife

Boudior Shoots aren’t exclusively for women, you know. So when Brendom Williams’s wife asked him jokingly if he’d do one for her, she had no idea he’d take her seriously … but he did and the results are awesome.

Photographer Masika May told Design Taxi she’s known Williams’s wife for years and knew the shoot would be the best birthday present ever for her: “I posed him almost exactly how I pose my female clients and these photos are the result. He made them into a photo book for his wife and she was pretty much ecstatic about them,” she said.

The photos, the wonderful, ridiculous, ~*sexy*~ photos, were actually removed from Facebook the first time May posted them after they were reported for nudity. May contested the removal and was able to put them back online … probably because no one is naked in any of them.

Anyway, see the photos below. Send them to a special man friend in your life. Plant the seed now. If he loves you, he’ll stare deadpan into a camera in his panties for your next birthday.





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