Sebeccly Cancer Care is celebrates 10 Years of Impact and contribution to the cancer advocacy in Nigeria


Sebeccly Cancer Care is celebrating its 10 Years of Impact and contribution to the cancer advocacy in Nigeria, and as part of the anniversary campaign, we are organizing an event with the aim of assessing the knowledge of Breast Cancer, Breast Self-Examination, and the practice as well as creating awareness and providing basic information on Breast & Cervical Cancer for female media & social influencers.

The success of health education on the breast and cervix lies in its capacity to improve the knowledge of female adults and modify their behavior in order to help early detection.



The workshop will concentrate on the risk factors associated with Breast & Cervical Cancer; its presentation and methods of early detection.

  • Interactive workshop/lecture
  • Practical BSE tutorials
  • Distribution of resource materials








Sebeccly Cancer Care is a not-for-profit organization (NGO) dedicated to growing the number of cancer survivors through education, advocacy, and treatment support and rehabilitation services.

At Sebeccly, we are committed to having more women survive breast cancer in Nigeria by empowering patients, strengthening health care institutions and improving the quality of care in Nigeria.

In 2012, 27,000 new cases of Breast Cancer were diagnosed of which 13,960 died from the disease. The survival of breast cancer patients at 5 years is less than 14% as majority of patients are not informed and don’t have access to screening and prevention services hence over 80% of patients present with advanced disease. Secondly over 80% pay out of pocket for cancer care and eventually become bankrupt causing delays or discontinuation of treatment and or seeking cheaper ineffective alternative treatment. Cancer care is largely excluded under health insurance and its cost is unaffordable this puts a financial strain on the patient and relatives.

In a recent focus group discussion conducted by Sebeccly, several survivors indicated that lack of information and the affordability of Cancer Care were the commonest challenges faced. Our programs are tailored to solve these challenges.

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  • Promoted cancer awareness to over 20,000,000 Nigerians through our Cancer Information Service such as Online Platforms, Community Events, Media Interviews and Publications
  • Illuminated the National Arts Theatre Pink 2014 in line with her Cancer Awareness Campaign
  • Hosted the 1st Guinness World Record Event in Africa by gathering over 7,598 people to form the largest human pink awareness ribbon for which the Dutch Expatriate Community honored us as the Charity of the Year 2015.
  • Supported over 3,000 people living with Cancer and their loved ones with information, counseling, and treatment aid and navigation services.
  • Created a strong network of cancer survivors who lead the monthly Support Group Meeting and shape the cancer survivorship services.








Our milestones include:

  • Over 5000 likes on facebook
  • The only cancer NGO in Nigeria with an In-house Oncologist
  • Successful awareness campaign
  • Good industry knowledge of cancer care
  • Support to over 30 Cancer patients 17 of whom are survivors





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