Photos from Lauryn Hill’s Show Yesterday plus Waje’s Heart Warming Post via Instagram upon meeting Lauryn Hill

Excited Waje took to instagram to share her experience upon meeting Lauryn Hill  who was in Lagos yesterday. The show beheld lots of Nigerian celebrities such as Toolz, Fade Ogunro, Lamide Akintobi, Zainab Balogun, Victoria Kimani, Taje Prest, Zaina, Keturah King, Yvonne Ekwere, Moet Abebe, VJ Adams, Sasha.  Below is her post and some pictures from the event:

Just before the show started a beautiful lady walked up to me telling me how much she loved my music, in her words “we’ve been playing you songs in philly ” , this sister sang the chorus of No Be You and I was blown away by her voice, soon I realized she was Lauryns backup singer. My life changed last night. I cried when Lauryn was performing and thinking, in my life time I see woman wey I use her songs learn work!!!!! She killed it! She gave me music life! So I got home and next thing my phone rings “waje Lauryn wants to meet u? I ran back like I was going to collect the certificate that validates the school of music life I have been in since, she took my hand and I cried all thru…… I’m so sure I embarrassed her but i had to tell her how grateful I am. Thank you Lauryn for music… Long story short, do your own with diligence and authenticity and you will save lives, inspire people to reach their goals as she inspired many singers and musicians. I’m so honored. Shout out to my sis @jbeautifull

The event which started late was hosted by Steel and Vina 


Lauryn Hill 1



Lauryn Hill 2



Lauryn Hill



VJ Adams

Elma Godwin

Moet Abebe

Swanky Jerry

Victoria Kimani

Yvonne Ekwere & Keturah King

Waje & Victoria Kimani

Andrea Giaccaglia & Sika Osei


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