Ginger is God’s gift to man. This root crop has been used in the variety of ways for centuries. Both a spice and a herb, the positive effect of ginger on the system has been overwhelming. As everything in existence, ginger has some negative qualities that can affect the human system negatively.

Ginger can interact poorly with certain kinds of medicines prescribed for health conditions. Diabetic people, people with hypertension and people with clotting disorders may need to use caution when considering the use of ginger as a treatment for other ailments.

YOU ARE TAKING CLOTTING MEDICATION because it thins the blood

YOU ARE DIABETIC because it has a natural tendency to lower blood sugar excessively especially if you are medications such as Metformin or Insulin Injections.


YOU ARE ON HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATION because some medicines used to control hypertension, such as calcium channel blockers (i.e., Norvasc, Cardizem, etc.) can interact with ginger, causing the blood pressure and/or heart rate to drop to unhealthy levels, leading to an irregular heartbeat or other complications.

YOU HAVE GALL STONES AND BLADDER RELATED PROBLEMS because people with gallstones may find their condition exacerbated by using ginger. When ginger is taken in large quantities, bile production may increase, and the higher level of gallbladder contractions may agitate gallstones and cause them to lodge in bile ducts.


YOU ARE PREGNANT because ginger affects fetal sex hormones. Though controversial, the risk of major malformations in infants of women taking ginger does not appear to be higher than the usual rate of 1% to 3%.

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