Nikon Photo Summit Nigeria presents a Themed Event “I AM ALIVE”, Set to Take Place on the 21st and 22nd August

Nikon, one of the global leaders among famous brands of digital cameras is hosting Nikon Photo Summit Nigeria. Theme: I Am Alive Date: August 21st and 22nd / Time: 10am to 5pm daily, Venue: Sheba Centre, 20 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

This event will feature world-class professional photographers, accompanied by a 2day exhibition. Amongst many things,these professionals will be interacting, broadening our understanding and teaching creative approach to present day photography.Ultimately helping you stand out from the crowd.
In attendance will be;
Stephen Segal:  Nikon School Photographer (South Africa). A multi-facet talented young man, who has won several interesting awards. Stephen will be taking us through understanding photography (The All-you need to know).
KelechiAmadi-Obi: (Nigeria) is an house-hold name in the world of fashion photography both locally and internationally. Kelechi can also be referred to as the king of lights, as he paints live in itself with light. With a background in painting, Kelechi’s areas of expertise include advertising photography, creative portraiture, landscape photography, fine-art photography and fashion photography. Kelechi will be taking us on how to make fashion photography pop live, using simple light techniques.
Michael Imomoh: (Nigeria) a.k.a the Photo Biker is very savvy with the art of Street Photography. Having worked on projects like Gulder Ultimate Search and Fayrouz, he has never strayed far from his passion of street photography. Michael will be sharing his “Thinking outside the box in Photography”.
Uche James Iroha: (Nigeria) A dynamic International photographer has received countless international awards, like the Prince Claus award and the Elan Prize. His work ranges from addressing wide-ranging issues like economic imperialism to the relationships which exist between races, social class and gender. Uche will be helping us understand what is takes to compose in a 2 dimensional world of photography, and interpreting images in 3D.
Novo Isioro is a seasoned commercial & documentary photographer, whose works has hit the air-waves and prints of Le-Monde Paris, Aljazeera, BBC, This day Nigeria, South African FM, etc. She currently is in partnership with the Nig. Government empowering NYSC members on the basic skills of photography. Her works is influenced by reality, social issues, and in a way uses them to tell stories about the dynamism of a society. Novo will be helping us rap up after each session, if possible throwing more light into most that will be said.
The Invisible Borders Trans-African Project: an initiative led by EmekaOkereke (visual artist, writer), is a multi-award winning project where about a dozen artists – photographers, writers, filmmakers and performance artists – collectively take road trips across Africa to explore the question of borders and tell the stories of every day encounters. The organisation hopes to expand its activities beyond issues that relate to geographic borders and other forms of discriminating parameters using photography and art as a viable tool.
If you’ve ever imagined a road trip where it is not just about the excitement of road travel but creating photographic works that transcends borders then you don’t want to miss this session”.
Along with the event, Nikon is hosting a Facebook Photo competition with the theme “I AM ALIVE”.Upload your images with the hashtag #IAMALIVE onto our Facebook Nikon Africa page ( and stand a chance to bag up $1000 worth of Nikon products. The contest is open from August 5th to August 16th Winners announced at the end of the event on August 22nd.
NOTE: Attendance for the Nikon School Special event is free but seating is limited and based on first 500 registrations for each day. To reserve your seat visit:
Please bring a print out of the invitation to be presented at the venue for admission.
See you there!
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