Nigerians Expresses Displeasure Over The Coroner’s Refusal To Release Peter Bello’s Body

According to BN, Lagos state coroner has refused to release Peter Bello’s body for burial without any reasons. Due to this cause, Nigerians took to twitter to express their displeasure over the issue.

Below is what a source sent to BN:

“All we have heard is that the Coroner who is the VP of LASU. pROF JOHN OBAFUNWA . has refused to sign the release documents cos he claims that he must talk to the governor first!! They knew the funeral dates and still he has decided to use this to get attention for his own issues??? I heard so many big personalities have called to BEG this man and he has refused. The family is so devastated. They keep hurting the open wounds more.

For them to be begging the man it means he has something on the government and cos he has national attention now he wants to use this medium to blackmail them into attending to his issues I suppose. Smh smh smh.”


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