MA Style: 30 Hottest Trends at Coachella 2017



People really brought their fashion A-game to Coachella this year, with skin, color, and sparkle everywhere you looked. You know what wasn’t everywhere you looked? Flower crowns. That’s right, flower crowns are officially dead at Coachella. Seriously, there was barely a single flower crown in sight. Here are the 10 trends people were living for in their place.

1. Mirrored Metallic Tops

2. Mirrored Metallic Tops
4. Off-the-Shoulder

5. Off-the-Shoulder

6. Off-the-Shoulder

7. Mermaid Vibes

8. Mermaid Vibes

9. Mermaid Vibes

10. Fringe

11. Fringe

12. Fringe

13. Bralettes

14. Bralettes

15. Bralettes

16. Sky-High Slits

17. Sky-High Slits

18. Sky-High Slits

19. Unitards

20. Unitards

21. Unitards

22. Bondage

23. Bondage

24. Bondage

25. Fanny Packs

26. Fanny Packs

27. Fanny Packs

28. Sheer Bodysuits

29. Sheer Bodysuits

30. Sheer Bodysuits

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