MA Living: Healthy Benefits Of Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts are not nuts, they are small root (starchy) vegetables. This ancient superfood originates from Africa and are rich in prebiotic fiber. Prebiotics act as food for your body’s natural organisms. They help your gut’s natural probiotics thrive. A single ounce of Tiger nuts has 40% of our daily recommended fiber.


Unlike other starchy vegetable tubers such as potatoes, tiger nuts are a good source of healthful fats. Tiger nuts have a fatty acid composition like olive oil, with the fat composition being about 73% monounsaturated fat, 18% saturated fat and 9% polyunsaturated fat. The lower percentage of polyunsaturated fat, which can be highly inflammatory, in contrast to the specific monounsaturated and saturated fats (both nourishing, non-inflammatory types of fat) makes a healthy fat profile.

Tiger nut allergies are probably one of the rarest food allergies ever. Since they are a tuber, tiger nuts are completely soy, dairy, grain, nut, seed and so on free

Tiger nuts are also the highest whole food source of a unique type of fiber called resistant starch. Resistant starch is a highly beneficial pre-biotic, which means it feeds the good bacteria in your digestive tract. Research indicates that resistant starch could be a powerful component in preventing and/or addressing diabetes and obesity.

Below are 7 healthy benefits of Tiger nuts

  1. High fiber content that keeps your body in shape. The chemical composition of tiger nut outlines the large amount of fiber that it contains and which is clearly beneficial to keep the digestive system in perfect shape. Ingesting fiber is the best ally to end constipation problems, since fiber is a natural stimulant to evacuate regularly. It is proven that the fiber remains longer in the body of people and provides a high caloric level. This element is also an important regulator of blood glucose levels.

2. Tiger nut milk is a substitute for cow milk which is ideal and healthy because of its non – animal origin and 100% healthy fats. Rich in vitamin E and C, tiger nut combat hypertension and cholesterol. In addition, being an easily digestible food, it’s completely suitable for lactose intolerant and prevents cardiovascular problems


  1. An inexhaustible source of vegetable protein. One of the major benefit of plant proteins is the lower incidence of fat and cholesterol. Consumed regularly, tiger nuts are the ideal and perfect antioxidant for cleansing diets and elimination of toxins. The vegetable protein is aligned with all the benefits described above, as for example, the natural regulation of the cardiovascular system and proper functioning of cellular activity that prevents the risk of cancer.
  2. Dietary fiber in tiger nuts can help control diabetes. In line with the first benefit, the great contribution of healthy and balanced fiber provided by tiger nuts does not raise blood glucose levels and, therefore, these foods are excellent for preventing and combating diabetes.
  3. Tiger nut has got great oil properties compete with olive oil. Because of its high levels of oleic acid (monounsaturated), this liquid is perfect to nourish the skin and prepare it against external aggressions. In addition, tiger nut oil contains sufficient polyunsaturated fatty acids to fully meet the daily needs of the human body.


Tiger nut oil is also effective in the cure of eczemas or skin lesions caused by dermatophytes, as well as stimulation of calcium absorption, bone tissue regeneration or atherosclerosis, among other diseases.

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