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Are You IN A RUT? Refuse to Settle (My letter to my younger self)

ou have dwelt too long at this mountain. You have stayed in this place of your comfort for more than is acceptable. You have settled for less than your potential and refused to unleash your full power. The land of possibilities is waiting for you. Why do you stay stuck when you can move? Why do you remain in the same location when your heart cries for more. That restlessness you feel is for a reason. This current location is no longer serving you. Your current platform has become too small. It’s time to move. It’s time to go, Mega, to go global, to stretch beyond your limits. Search out new opportunities. Seek new platforms. Create new experiences. Carve out a new niche. Stop settling my dearest.

It’s time to execute those plans that have gathered dust in your drawers or on your computer. It’s time to get out that manuscript and look for a publisher. It’s time to finish one mega goal and step onto the stage that is set for you. It’s time to register a new company. An NGO has your name written on it, and millions are waiting for the results of your action because their lives quite literally will be affected by it. Stop settling my dearest.

Why are you content because you have a good life, good career/business, a good car and a good house? So you have great kids and a great circle of friends? A good church and many good accomplishments. Do you realize that good is the enemy of great? And good can lead you into a rut? Should you be happy because you’ve achieved just enough to get noticed, when you should be the one noticing others and promoting them? Are you satisfied because you have a blog that gets a few thousand hits? You have been published or featured on Huffington Post, Business Day, Guardian, This Day, Forbes even? You’ve appeared on CNN, CNBC AFRICA, Channels TV? Good for you.  But what if you are meant to build your own platform? What if you were meant to be directing the content that others read and see so you can shape a culture? What if your voice is meant to be bigger than those great platforms? What if you could own a platform that gives other people a voice? What if? What if? What if?……Stop Settling my dearest.

My dear, listen, I am not asking you to live a life of discontent. I am simply reminding you that you are more. You have more. You can and must BE MORE. The world is waiting for your next move. You have dwelt at this mountain long enough!

Here are a few practical and simple ways to get out of a rut:

  • GET AWARE THROUGH JOURNALING: Self-assessment can be tough but it’s the starting point for progress and journaling may be a good way to kick off. Try detailing your thoughts and areas of anxiety, stress, confusion or complacency. You’ll be shocked how seeing these in writing could trigger solutions and get you moving again towards your big vision. (I’m assuming you do have a compelling vision? And if not, then getting one may be your first step. Getting a vision that is compelling and exciting is one of the quickest ways out of settling or staying in a rut.) Journaling and praying can help you discover what you are passionate about.
  • GO MEGA BUT ADJUST YOUR SUCCESS INTERPRETATION: Sometimes a rut is a result of interpreting success as a ‘destination’ rather than seeing success as making ‘progress’. In addition, stop setting unrealistic goals and standards for yourself. By all means go Mega, raise your standards and expectations but try to set your goals and expectations to manageable ones, knock off some steps and celebrate your mini wins on the way to your big goals. Life is not a marathon. It’s great to ‘Go Mega’ but start where you are with what you have. And be grateful each day for the journey and progress.
  • NEW EXPERIENCES and MASTERMINDS: Look for a close friend/s, a good life coach,  or a mastermind circle. It’s usually helpful to get other perspectives. We get inspiration from seeing and hearing others share their stories. This usually triggers our dormant dreams. In addition, brainstorming with a close circle can be just the life you need. It’s the reason I run the #GoMega mastermind circle for executives and leaders. Dealing with my own sense of complacency and not wanting to settle, led to an opportunity to help others brainstorm their own ideas. The IWOW possibilities summit is another platform that helps to shake people out of complacency or their comfort zone. It is an energized event full of inspiration, entrepreneurs sharing business lessons, and life strategies with a huge dose of connecting with other highly motivated people. It is just the perfect trigger to get out of any rut. (Look out for the upcoming #IWOW2017 Global Possibilities Summit on March 31st-April 1st).
Sometimes a little change to your routine, experiences, and perspective can make a big change in your life.
Refuse to settle. Reject the trap of the Rut. Unleash your full potential.

UMO #Refusetosettle #GoMega

                                                                                Written by Udo Okonjo, Founder, IWOW
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