MA Fashion: The Never Changing Yet Always Changing Sheath Dress

A sheath dress is a body fitted dress that falls just around, a little below or above the knee and is usually unadorned. The fact that they are usually without sleeves does not rule out the fact that they can come with sleeves. It gets its name from the sheath for a sword that fits perfectly.


The neckline can vary and so can the length but the focus or focal point is usually the fitness of the waist. When the sheath dress is below the knee a slit has to be inserted to aid movement.

A sheath dress is suitable for cocktails, parties, dates, formal meetings, church and every other occasion you can think of depending on the way it is worn. A sheath dress flatters any figure type provided they fit properly. If you are a not a curved one just find one with darts around the breast and that curves inwardly at the waist region. If you are blessed with curves, belting it up keeps the focus on your asset. Wearing a belt can also help hide the tummy if you got one.

The sheath dress is very easy to accessorize. The plain looking dress can be greatly transformed based on the kind of accessory you choose to add to it.


Wearing a strand or two of pearls and a nice leather pump on the sheath dress is very appropriate for any formal gathering, for a wedding, for a date night, the house of worship, a luncheon, fundraiser, and almost anything most anything.

For the office, you can also decide to try on a blazer to give the executive look.

For an evening event, try on a long dangling string of pearl or gold chain with a nice sandals and clutch.


To get the casual look, wear denim, cardigan or a cotton jacket on it. A scarf can be worn around the neck if feel up to it. Kill it with low thong sandals and long statement earrings. You can decide whether or not you want to accessorize heavily.

Thinking of hanging out, you can pair your sheath dress with some boldly patterned animal print or metallic heels and either a chunky bangle bracelet or a pair of dangly earrings. An envelope clutch will finish the look.

Going gothic, try on a leather jacket with a knee-high boot with a pair of metallic gold chains.


Kill it anytime you decide to hang out with a pair of white sneakers and tote bag.


One fabulous secret about the sheath dress is that just one dress can be used for different occasions depending on the shoes and the accessories used. A change of footwear can sometimes make all the difference.

Why not own one today. Trust me a sheath dress always works.

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