MA Fashion: Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2016 Day 1: Tokyo James

Day 1 of the Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week has come to a close and here’s your BN Style Runway Recap.

Tokyo James‘ collection was a little similar to his previous collections at Glitz Africa Fashion Week and South African Menswear Week but with a change in fabric and added a few t-shirts too.

See the Collection

tokyo james lfdw_IMG_5424_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5439_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5450_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5464_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5475_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5491_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5509_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5525_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5541_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5553_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5555_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5570_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5575_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5590_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5606_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5615_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5628_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5640_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5654_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5664_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5678_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5692_bellanaijatokyo james lfdw_IMG_5716_bellanaija

Photo Credits: Kola Oshalusi (Insigna)

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