MA Beauty: The Best Eye Shadows to Play Up Your Blue Eyes

ruth be told, blue eyes are completely striking on their own, but eyeshadows in warm shades are especially great for amping up their already-gorgeous appearance, thanks to the slight amount of contrast they provide. “For blue eyes, I love to use terracotta shadows and orange with a little bit of shine,” says makeup artist Elle Leary. “This really brings out the blueness because the color is so dark and enhances the focus on your eyes.”

But though matchy-matchy may work for skirt suits, avoid going for other blue shadows. The monochromatic effect can cause your natural color to become muted. Instead, opt for ultra-warm neutral tones—Leary likes to use the Laura Geller Delectables Palette in Shades of Nude ($45; “Rich browns and pinks are also a classic go-to for a more natural approach,” she adds. “Try wetting the shadows for a more intense look.” Shop a few of our favorite shadows guaranteed to play up your baby blues below.



  • Laura+Geller+Delectables+Palette+in+Shades+of+Nude

    Laura Geller Delectables Palette in Shades of Nude

    SHOP IT  $45
  • Laura+Mercier+Eye+Glac%C3%A9+in+Blazing+Sun

    Laura Mercier Eye Glacé in Blazing Sun

    SHOP IT  $28
  • Giorgio+Armani+Eye+Tint+in+Sunrise

    Giorgio Armani Eye Tint in Sunrise

    SHOP IT  $38
  • NARS+Eyeshadow+in+Persia

    NARS Eyeshadow in Persia

    SHOP IT  $25
  • MAC+Eyeshadow+in+Coppering

    MAC Eyeshadow in Coppering

    SHOP IT  $16
  • NYX+Prismatic+Eyeshadow+in+Fireball

    NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow in Fireball

    SHOP IT  $6
  • Buxom+Eyeshadow+Bar+Palette+in+Suede+Seduction

    Buxom Eyeshadow Bar Palette in Suede Seduction

    SHOP IT  $48
  • Urban+Decay+Eyeshadow+in+Fireball

    Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Fireball

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