MA Beauty: Purple Colour Envy Matte Sculpting Lipstick Availabe Via Estée Lauder‘s new line of Ultramatte Lipsticks! Thanks to Joan Smalls

Joan Smalls is the brain behind Estée Lauder‘s new line of Ultramatte Lipsticks – Purple Colour Envy Matte Sculpting Lipstick and we are excited to share.

Joan Smalls has been one crazy fan of purple, always rocking her signature pigmented matte lipstick wherever she’s going. Her preferred lippe was created by her makeup artist, and could not be replicated anywhere – even by Joan. So, being an Estée Lauder ambassador, she called up the beauty brand and asked them to create a product that could achieve all her favourite lippie can.


In an interview Estée Edit, Joan explained – “I’ve always liked how the colors in the Pure Color Lipstick line read on first swipe, without having to apply layer upon layer — which is a problem I often have, especially with my skin tone — so I asked, ‘Can we do this formula, but make it more matte?‘”

The result is a 12 lipstick line of ultra matte lip colours in shades ranging from red to deep purple and nudes. The lipstick goes for $30 (N)


She continued – “I believe in self expression. If you’re going to go for it [with your makeup], then go hard!“.


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