MA Beauty: Purify Your Beauty Routine With These Natural Alternatives

We invest in commercial beauty products not thinking about the chemical-laden dregs that get washed down the drain, or the plastic packaging that gets thrown into the trash. But the effect that this can have on the environment can be disastrous. So, in honor of Earth Month, we are giving you seven ways you can make Mother Nature happy with just a few simple changes to your everyday beauty routine. We’ve all heard of the benefits of argan and coconut oil. But have you heard of these lesser known tips and tricks to help purify your beauty regime? Read on to find out.

Ditch the eye makeup remover for Olive Oil

If there’s one part of our body we should be keeping chemical-free, it’s our delicate eyes. A cotton round soaked in olive oil is equally as good at dissolving mascara as its chemical counterpart—with the added bonus of moisturizing our crow’s feet-prone eye area.

Ditch the concealer for Lemon Juice

With consistent use, the citric acid in lemon juice will reduce the appearance of blemishes and evens out your skin tone. Just don’t go overboard with it—a few dabs of lemon juice may illuminate, but an overload of it will start to bleach your skin.

Ditch the hairspray for Sugar

Dissolve one to four teaspoons of sugar in a cup of boiling water and spray the concoction onto your head for advert-worthy tresses that will retain their shine and stay tame. Alternatively, if you want to get those gently tousled beach waves, substitute sugar with salt.

Ditch the perfume for Essential Oils

We may not think about it when we’re spritzing ourselves with Chanel No 5, but our skin is extremely absorbent, and the nasties in mainstream perfume can be harmful. Substitute your Eau-de-chemical with a couple of drops of naturally great-smelling liquids, like lavender or orange blossom oil.

Ditch the toothpaste for Baking Soda

Most commercial toothpastes contains triclosan and fluoride. These are only toxic when ingested, but who wants traces of harmful chemicals swishing around their mouths? For naturally gleaming white teeth, apply baking soda to a wet toothbrush and get scrubbing. Add peppermint oil, if you love the sensation of a minty-fresh mouth.

Ditch the body lotion for Aloe Vera

Out of all the gifts, Mother Nature has given us, the clear gel extracted from the fleshy leaves of the aloe vera plant is probably most miraculous of them all. Although you can use the versatile liquid for a variety of ailments, from burns too bad breath, we love its soothing, moisturizing effect on our dry legs.

Ditch the facial toner for Apple Cider Vinegar

To be fair, facial toners are usually not the biggest culprits when it comes to the most chemical-laden beauty products out there. But the results of using a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar diluted in a half cup of water far outweigh the effectiveness of their commercial—more expensive—counterparts, anyway.

Ditch the deodorant for Shea Butter

If you’re looking for a glamorous, Pinterest-worthy solution for the not-so-glamorous issue of body odor, don’t sweat it—we’ve got your back and your pits. Melt together two teaspoons of shea butter with three teaspoons of baking soda and three teaspoons of coconut oil. Wait a few hours for the mixture to cool until it’s hard enough to rub on your underarms.

Ditch the dry shampoo for Cornstarch

We’ve been warned that washing our hair too often can lead to thinning and even balding, so instead we’ve let dry shampoo become our new vice for grease-free hair. The problem is, in the long run, these sprays are equally damaging. Instead, rub a little cornstarch into the roots of your hair and brush it out. The powder soaks up any excess oil and gives you clean-looking, lightweight locks.

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