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We all know our skin is the window to our health. Our bodies consist of complex systems – digestive, lymphatic, neurological, and all of them are connected: it is unlikely that you can impact one system without affecting some other. Face mapping has its roots in the ancient Ayurvedic teaching that implies observational diagnoses with a holistic approach. It is over thousand years old but the concept has evolved through the years.

It relies on the knowledge of connections between face areas and different organs. Just by analyzing the skin (e.g. dullness, complexion, skin tone, or blemishes), face mapping aims to reveal the internal problems one should solve.


Female face with wrinkles on forehead – skincare treatment



The forehead area is linked to the digestive and nervous system. If you’re experiencing breakouts in this area, it’s likely you’ve been under a lot of stress or neglected your nutrition a bit.

The best thing you can do is to be more mindful about your diet and cut out processed food and sugar, include more healthy fats and protein, and choose complex carbs over simple ones. Drink more fluids like water, lemon water, or green tea, and avoid soft drinks. As for destressing, try deep relaxation through meditation or yoga, or even high-intensive exercises: science-backed data says it might be the best way to reduce anxiety.

Between the brows



Noticing pimples between the brows? They might indicate some sort of imbalance in your liver, spleen, or kidneys. According to the experts from Dermalogica, congestion in this area reflects over-consumption of alcohol or rich foods. It could also indicate some sort of food allergy such as lactose intolerance. Cut down drinking and smoking and increase the consumption of foods rich in fiber such as fruit and vegetables. Getting more hours of sleep is also advisable.




Poor skin in the cheek area might indicate slow metabolism, lung issues, or low absorption of nutrients such as iron and folic acid. Smokers, people suffering from allergies or some breathing difficulties (e.g. asthma) might have broken capillaries in this area.

Ancient Chinese medicine makes a distinction between the left and right cheek. If you’re breaking out on the left one, you should incorporate more “cooling types of food“ such as cucumber or winter melon. If it is the right cheek we’re talking about, you should definitely cut down sugar consumption and commit to exercising.



Problematic skin around the nose might mean heart, lung, or blood pressure issues. To clear up the skin in this area, cut back on spicy food, meat, and salty dishes.

Turn to sources of essential fatty acids such as olive oil, avocado, walnuts, soy products, vegetables, etc. Don’t drink too much coffee: if you need an energy boost, turn to green tea as a much healthier alternative. It is packed with antioxidants, it boosts your metabolism and supports fat loss, it improves your immunity, and also contains caffeine but it doesn’t make you jittery.

Eye area



If you have dark circles or experience puffiness and swollen eyelids, it could indicate kidney problems. Sleep deprivation or low water intake worsens the dark circles as well as toxins piling up inside your body. Of course, there is a lot to genetics here but if you notice changes – you should focus on correcting your habits and eliminating the cause.





Breakouts, blemishes, or discolorations in the chin area are likely caused by hormonal imbalance. It is a sensitive skin area where PMS syndromes might be visible through pimples or poor looking skin.

Try to relax and destress, get enough shut-eye, and commit to a workout regime. As for those days in a month, pimples will be there for a short time and there’s not much you can do about it. They occur due to the hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle: progesterone increases the production of sebum, which may cause breakouts.

Your skin reveals everything about your lifestyle: from the amount of sleep you get to your eating habits. However, it also indicates if there’s something wrong with your health. With face mapping, you can discover the connection between organs and skin and really focus on determining and eliminating the true cause – not just treating the symptom externally or covering it with makeup.



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