MA BEAUTY: Girls Are Contouring Their Necks Now

It’s the latest in the contouring craze.

Just in case you thought we might have reached peak contouring, here comes another part of your body that’s getting the bronze and highlighting treatment: your neck.

YouTube account MakeupWearables Hairstyles posted a neck contouring tutorial that has everyone talking — mostly because it’s just really, really silly.

Neck contouring is said to give you “a slimmer and graceful looking neck for updos.”

While it’s pretty cool to watch this YouTuber contour her neck without being able to see it (skills!), news flash: you do not need to fake the appearance of a smaller neck. You just don’t.

Plus, the process looks super messy, tbh. Do you really want to get makeup all over your clothes to look more ~graceful~ in photos? You know how impossible bronzer is to get off.

Let’s all just sit this trend out.

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