MA Beauty: Four Steps to Get an Attractive Brow using Cover Girl’s Pencils

Make attractive brows and get the eyeliner looks you want with these Cover Girl’s twin eyebrow pencils. Both have soft color and are extremely handy. Use them to naturally enhance and fill out brows, or sweep them along your lash line for a soft-liner look.


How To Apply:

Step 1:

First, sharpen your pencil. The tip should be lightly rounded, not too pointy.

Step 2:

In making very short strokes, start at the top of the arch and slowly fill downwards. Strokes should be light and feathery.

Step 3:

If you need more definition, use a slightly heavier stroke along the bottom of the brow line and toward the outer corners.

Step 4:

Lock in your look with a light coat of Professional Natural Lash Mascara.


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