MA Beauty: Be More Aware of The Ingredients in Your Cosmetics


They say that beauty is pain, but just how far are we willing to go for its sake? For years now, the media and magazines have been teeming with endless warnings regarding skincare and beauty products, cosmetics and the harmful effects of the ingredients they contain. This has resulted in an enormous demand for quality, organic, natural and most importantly, healthy cosmetics all over the globe, with only one thought in mind – preserving our well-being.

So, alongside many New Year’s resolutions, we’re going to make in 2017, let us take a brief moment to try and appreciate our health and become more aware of the products we’re using on regular basis and the compounds contained in them.

Brand Doesn’t Equal Quality

If there’s one thing that we’re often mistaken about it’s definitely the level of product’s quality. Many people are under the impression that by purchasing a globally recognized brand, they’re entitled to a certain level of quality. While this is understandable, unfortunately, things aren’t always that hopeful.



In reality, the brand itself doesn’t testify of the products quality and it certainly doesn’t guarantee it. Many high-class brands are noted to contain certain ingredients which are considered a major threat to our health, which is why understanding of the elements of the product is essential in learning about its properties.

Start Reading the Labels

The most effective way to become fully aware of the products you’re using and their effects is to start paying attention to the things you’re purchasing. Reading the labels of the products will give you information about the compounds, chemicals and common ingredients found in them, helping you with understanding whether they’re safe for use.

However, reading labels aren’t the same thing as understanding them, which is why it’s very important to inform yourself thoroughly about the subject.

Do Your Research

The key to understanding something is always learning as much as you can about the problem. In this case, if you’re willing to learn about the safety and quality of your cosmetic products, it’ll be necessary to do your research about the effects of specific compounds on your body.

Common cosmetic products usually contain a number of preservatives, chemicals, and minerals which can be potentially dangerous after long-term exposure. Although these ingredients certainly have certain beneficial properties, it’s crucial to be aware of all the effects they have.



Other than this, understanding labels don’t apply solely to understanding the common ingredients, but also the meaning of the common cosmetic symbols on the packaging. These symbols can give you valuable information about the product’s expiration date, whether it’s made of recycled materials, whether the ingredients used are natural or organic, as well as usage instructions, warnings and were the product tested on animals.

Recognize Your Needs

Lastly, the thing of greatest importance is learning to recognize your own needs in terms of cosmetics, makeup and skincare products. This is important for a number of reasons, but mostly because it helps you search for products that are suitable for you personally.



This also gives you the opportunity to, with a bit of research, find products which contain specific ingredients that your body and skin require. Fortunately, nowadays, it’s quite easy to find quality cosmetics online, still, it’s crucial to be cautious and read about their contents.

The first rule of purchasing cosmetics is you don’t ignore the labels on the product. Learning proper ways to choose and handle your products is important for your wellbeing and can greatly contribute to a higher quality of life. Everybody has the right to their own health and getting informed about the potential ways to preserve it is essential.



Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about organic beauty products, yoga, and healthy lifestyle. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and lifestyle related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life and Ripped.

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