MA Beauty: Most Amazingly Ornate Metal Gloves, and I Need a Pair ASAP


Leave the homespun knits and mittens to your grandma, and consider these stunning metalwork gloves as your new fave winter accessory. OK, so they might not be as useful in the cold, but they’re probably worth the frostbite anyway?!

29-year-old designer Lory Sun handcrafts these incredible gloves from metal, and they’re everything my wrists never knew they needed until now! Sun grew up in Transylvania, an environment which has proved to be an inspiration for her gorgeous, Gothic-style designs — she cites the ” incredible medieval castle architecture” and “desaturated colors” in particular.

A self-taught artist, Sun started creating these pieces in Romania before relocating to Boston where she lives currently. “My artistic journey started at a young age from watching both of my parents,” she says. “I spent a lot of my childhood watching my mother sew and create.” Her gloves can take anywhere from half a day to two days to make depending on how intricate it is. She adds details including multicolored embellishments, spikes, crystals, and chains to allow more hand movement.

Sun creates these ornate gloves using different metals and alloys. “It just needs to be flexible, durable, and aesthetically pleasing,” she says. She receives anywhere from 20-30 custom orders a month and designs them using the client’s specific requests and personal style, along with her own inspiration.

One of those client specifications included these Edward Scissorhands-like gloves featuring actual blades on the fingertips – don’t try this at home, folks. Unless you feel like chopping vegetables in style, I guess?

Metal is just one of the many materials she uses in her work; she also creates corsets, necklaces, dresses, and even headpieces that her cute Pitbull models!

Sun says she never sketches her ideas, because the finished product rarely ends up being what she started creating. Instead, she draws inspiration from the fabric or material that she works with. “I start with whatever ideas pop into my head, and try to come up with the perfect piece for whatever material I chose,” she says.

One of the first gloves she made was for the Right Back music video by Monty feat. Fetty Wap, and she was most recently in Vogue Brasil. And yes, you can even wear them on your next Starbucks run, people! Truly functional and fashionable.

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