MA 5 Best And Most Talked About Wines From The Wines Of South Africa Grand Tasting

Wines of South Africa held a Grand Tasting event  in Nigeria at the Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos on Saturday July 18, 2015; a one day set aside to recognize the importance of the growing wine market in West Africa. There was an amiable offering of diversity of South Africa’s world class wines to thousands of audience of trade media consumers etc.


All in attendance had the opportunity to tang from various stands, experiencing the taste bud of South Africa in their Mouths.


After the winery exhibition and tasting, we primed a list; a list which clearly diktats our best five wines at the Wines Of South Africa Grand Tasting.

From the first to the least; and in all accreditation, we bring you the best of the best.




Douglas Green is pale gold, with a pulsating green drop, beguiling pineapple, gooseberry and granadilla aromas that conveys through to a soggy dry entry and a surge of tropical flavours that booms through the nose with a gutsy acidity and delicate citrus drawl.

douglas green




Infused only with natural tastes and using no artificial pallor, perfect for lazy hot evening, aperitifs, picnics, poolside supping and parties. It sends an array of emotions to your taste bud, leaving you to want nothing but more after the first gulp. Infusion with its bursting piquancy evokes an enjoyably spicy taste sensation and certainly makes for an unusual taste experience.




tamasa wines

Babylonstoren Mourvèdre Rosé:  With Red fruit and strawberries being it main taste, this wine is the liquid main ingredient for romantic getaways, picnic, honeymoon, and most definitely playful, carefree afternoons and evenings with the loved ones. Although Tamasa Trading represented 10 of South Africa’s top wineries, this happens to be our best.







Thembi Chenin Blanc: Made from Chenin Blanc Grapes with a zest mug shot that conforms between ripe apple and pear, melon and creamy notes, balanced by a brittle tartness. With a 13.7% alcohol level, drives a sensation to the brain, leaving you in a merry mood. This wine is best enjoined when cuddled up with your favorite person in the beach





With so many wine varieties, our best is the Linton Park Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, made with Cabernet Sauvignon ripe and dark-fruited grape with hints of cassis, dark cherry and chocolate has a 14.0% alcohol. It is delightfully made for matured folks of integrity and sustainability, possess a toffee lushness with black fruit depth being the most adequate for after work hours, picnic, and friendly get-together and bachelorette nights. It is a fine blend of noble and elegant varieties.


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