Bravura Exception! Hudayya Fadoul Abacha on the July 2015 Issue of BMPro Covers

Hudayya Fadoul Abacha, of Hudayya Bridal Emporium, is the cover star for the July 2015 issue of BMPro Covers, photographed by Big H Studios with makeup by Banke Meshida Lawal and creative direction by Yomi Black.

On the cover shoot and her experience, Banke shares:

“Entering the Hudayya Bridal Emporium one is welcome with luxurious smells of Opulence, Lush Fabrics and Elegant Mannequins Lining the hallways. You immediately feel welcome and are transported back to the Emirates, with the plush carpeting and beautifully lined shimmering walls.

Hudayya glides toward me in her flowing Abayya and I’m engulfed in a tight warm Hug, excitedly chattering and laughing as she greets me warmly. Her accented English is Captivating and so are her doe eyes that let you know pointedly she knows exactly what to create to make you the belle of the ball!



Huda, as she is fondly called, leads me into her Bridal Consultation room, a plushy carpeted room (shoes off please) where we plunk onto the floor, and talk about everything –how she started sewing, why, and her hopes and aspirations. This room makes you not want to leave and we stay there for hours! A few brides to be join us, she does their fitting, suggests jewelry, makeup, (Free consultation with me there!) shoes and accessories to go with their dresses.  An assistant brings in the various items, BMPRO Makeup Artists bring in my kit and you can tell they are VERY pleased to have completed their shopping in ONE spot.

Now known as THE NO 1 Bridal Couture designer, she has a keen eye for detail and designing exquisite wedding dresses and very beautiful Occasional wear using Exclusive fabrics. She has also delved into fabrics, importing directly from Turkey to create pieces inspired by the likes of Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, etc.



Her line of head coverings and turbans are also favourites for the stylish ones-and she easily shows me how to wrap one in her messy-easy-look style.

I love Hudas energy and drive and I can tell that for her, she is in a happy place especially when one of the brides picks up her finished set of 6 dresses, gives her a loooong hug, takes a selfie with me, and departs, promising to send photos after the ceremony is over…”

Creative Director
: Yomi Black
Model: Hudayya Fadoul Abacha
Photographer: Big H Studios
Makeup : Banke Meshida Lawal

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