Hollywood Actor Michael B. Jordan October 2015 Issue of GQ Magazine

Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan is the cover for the October 2015 issue of GQ magazine. In the magazine, he talked about how to dress in L.A.



Flex like a grown up: It’s not who made your clothes. Or how much they cost. It’s how perfectly they fit.

Tip your hat to the big shots past: A felt fedora and a knit polo? That’s straight from the Sinatra-takes-Palm Springs playbook. (Make sure you’ve read that thing cover to cover.)

Leave your sneaker head days behind: Gaudy limited-edition kicks might be cool for stunting on your friends, but they’re also a sign of delayed adolescence. Maturity calls for minimalism.

Give your jeans a vacation: You’ve got your casual pants (denim, cargos, sweats) and you’ve got your dress pants (the kind that come with your suit). New idea: Try wearing the latter as effortlessly and as often as the former.




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