Glitter Roots Is The Easiest Hair Trend To Take Over Instagram And… The World!

Glitter roots not only add some sparkle to your ’do, but also conceal any awkward coloring if you’re late getting a touch up. The trend has been popping up on Instagram with a lot of people pairing their glitter with space buns.


Source: mtv

Unlike other hair trends that involve hours in a salon or insane amounts of hair dye, getting glitter roots is fairly low maintenance. Just add gel to the area you want to have some shimmer and add whatever glitter you’d like on top of it.

You can be as heavy-handed as you want — from covering just a little bit of you scalp to pretty much all of it. The other good news is that the look is generally easy to ditch and can be washed out in a shower. But if you know how glitter works, bank on having to take more than one shower to actually get rid of all of it.


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