Get Artsy With This Simple Nail Tutorials

First, mix a few drops of white nail polish with a few drops of acetone in a bowl. Next, take a striper brush and paint on the flowers — don’t worry if the petals aren’t the same size. Finally, paint on a clear topcoat and drop a little pearl in the center of each flower. (Tip via Miss Pop for KISS Nails at Erin Fetherston.)

Give your nails a feathered finish using light brush strokes.

After you paint your nails the base color, create a feathery effect by wiping the brush almost clean and then quickly sweeping it back and forth over the nail. (Tip via Soo Kim for Caption Polish at Nanette Lepore.)

DIY your own checkerboard design at home with translucent tape with these 5 steps: 


  1. Paint one thick coat of China Glaze Nail Polish in “White on White” on the nail; let it dry completely.
  2. Using a taupe-colored polish (like China Glaze “Liquid Leather”), paint a strip of translucent tape with two thin coats until fully opaque.
  3. Once dry, cut the clear tape into small, even squares (using a razor blade or X-Acto knife).
  4. Using tweezers, lay the tape onto your nail in a checkerboard formation.
  5. Once all squares are laid out, top the design with one coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat to seal in the design.

(Tip via Naomi Yasuda for China Glaze at Opening Ceremony.)



Create a splattered paint effect on your tips by blowing nail polish through a coffee straw. First, paint your nails two coats of white (try Butter London Nail Polish in “Cotton Buds”), then dip a coffee straw into a black polish and blow it over your nails. Next, do the same with a new straw, dipping it into a deep purple shade. Clean up any splatters on your skin with a tiny eye shadow brush dipped in acetone, and then finish with a top coat. ​(Tip via Katie Jane Hughes for Butter London at Nicole Miller.)


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