Dabota Lighten! Dabota Lawson Turns Criticism about her Dark Knuckles into a Business Opportunity!

A couple of weeks ago ex-beauty queen Dabota Lawson was called out by a blogger about her dark knuckles and today, she has found a solution to the dark knuckles.

She released a statement saying:

“It’s been 6 weeks now since the Brouhaha that surrounded  my dark knuckles and whilst I was not happy about it like every other business owner I went into defense mode to protect my business image as it was barely a month since I had come out with a safe botanical lightening formula (Dabota Lighten) . I did take time to look at the situation in my private moment and thought to myself this is not a good look for a cosmetic entrepreneur and it time for me to make sure my skin care product is effective and safe. Now to cut the long story short, daily moisturizing(heavily at night)  with Dabota Lighten + exfoliating  3 times a week with a Homemade mix of sea salt + lemon has gradually done the trick. 6 week is a long time but it’s best to gradually with a safe botanical based product do it with a quick fix method. Oh yes that my beautiful hand with my little growth at the side that I’m not ashamed of. Dabota Lighten really does work.”

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