Chris Brown Named His Album After His Daughter, But His New Single Isn’t Quite Kid-Friendly

Chris Brown’s last two singles, “Zero” and “Liquor,” were reliable indications that his new album,Royalty, though named after his daughter, wouldn’t be solely jams about parenting. His latest single, “Sex You Back To Sleep,” isn’t quite PG-rated, either.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. One of Breezy’s fortes — among many others — is his ability to create catchy, sensual baby-making music, which is what he delivers on his latest.


But it sounds like the album, which is reportedly set to drop on Nov. 27, will include glimpses into his life as a new dad, too.

“With the album, it’s just showing my growth,” he said during an interview on Hot 97 on Thursday. “[Royalty]’s a main part of my life, so I named my album Royalty in retrospect of letting everybody see, Hey, this is what it is, this is the person I am, I’m a grown man, I’m responsible at the same time, and I love doing my music and love being a father. I integrated all of that together with what I’m dealing with as a 26-year-old man and living my life.”

The album cover, which appers to capture an intimate father-daughter moment, was in reality just that.

“When we were doing the photoshoot, she didn’t have her nap yet, so she was like, You know what? I’m going to sleep,” he said. Next thing you know, he’s found his album cover.

As for the new single, he’s pretty sure it’s coming at just the right time.

“This song is great for right now, for the season,” he said. “It’s cold, you wanna cuddle up. You wanna be able to do that Netflix and Chill and all that.”

Netflix and Chill and listen to Chris Brown.



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