Bridal Inspiration: A Wedding Dress Should Be An Extension Of Everyday Style

Fashion’s finest share their bridal wisdom – on how to feel comfortable and why the wedding dress should be an extension of everyday style.

Alberta Ferretti


“The first rule that a bride has to follow is to be true to herself. The bride should avoid extreme volumes, trains and necklines, but she has to respect her proportions and her personal style. She has to take the location into consideration when choosing the right dress for her wedding. A countryside bride shouldn’t wear a meringue dress, instead she should choose something light and bucolic. If you have a beach wedding you can choose, for example, a rich skirt with a blouse and if it is a city wedding, it is always nice to add a statement veil.”

Amanda Wakeley



“Your wedding dress is to be comfortable and by being happy in your skin, your beauty will radiate from within. You’ll be spending up to 12 hours in your dress, so it should move with your body, not against you. By the end of the night, it will be one of the most precious memories of your special day!”

Jenny Packham


“Deciding on the style of your wedding and dress can feel like a very big decision, almost more than finding your partner perhaps! The good news is that now more than ever the world of white is bursting with choice and availability. Generally I would advise you to spend as much as you can to ensure quality and service. The experience of selecting a dress to me is as important as the dress. It’s essential that you feel happy and confident that you will have the dress of your dreams, but also that it will look like the one you chose and will not arrive two hours before the betrothal. Invest in an established brand that has a good reputation. This narrows the field a bit and then you can find your dress and enjoy the journey. A good sales associate will know which styles to present to you but you may have your own ideas so take images of your research with you. Experiment with shapes and styles and tones of colour. Personally I can’t remember the last time I tried on a long ivory dress and the likelihood is that neither can you. Give yourself time to aclimatise and be mindful of how the dress feels, flows and changes the way you feel. Take ‘true’ friends and/or family, but ultimately it’s your decision. Stay calm, it’s just a dress and trust yourself to make the right decision.”

Kate Halfpenny


“When it comes to finding your wedding dress it can be such a daunting task, we often get so many really stylish and aspirational women in the store that are in a blind panic about what to wear. We firstly say that on your wedding day you are simply meant to look like a polished version of yourself, you aren’t meant to look like an over-styled version of someone else. We encourage our brides at their initial appointment to try on all different looks and styles to see what they feel most ‘themselves’ in, and what they get an emotional attachment to. It’s good to do research to see what designers and fabrics and styles that you like, however don’t spend months on Pintrest and blogs as you can often get too overwhelmed and confused by what’s out there. Once you have found your dress, STOP looking. With regards to styles of dresses that suit different body shapes, our collection is diverse and we have dresses and separates that work for most body types. Charlotte, pictured, is a corset bodice and fluid silk crepe circular skirt. This is perfect for a generally curvy girl, think nipped-in waist and a nice cleavage on show, you can tie the drapes in a few different ways.”

Luisa Beccaria


“A bride shouldn’t choose something too different from her personal style… She has to feel herself and be totally confident in her bridal dress and then feel gorgeous.”

Sophia Kokosalaki


“If a girl wants a train but is also planning an island or beach wedding, the best option to look at is a dress with a shorter front. In this setting, they can really look much cooler than a floor-length dress. Weddings are all about dancing anyway and this option frees the girl from having to hold the sides of her dress up on and off throughout the night. The important thing is to really pay attention to the cut because a very short front, too puffy or too tight and not enough coverage or too much exposure on the upper half might bring exactly the opposite result (not cool).”



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