Best-selling Biographer Sean Smith to Write on Kim Kardashian

According to a biography being published by best-selling author Sean Smith,Kim Kardashian West is worth roughly £65 Million from selling her body.

The new biography reveals so much about the 34-year-old star, from starting as Paris Hilton’s stylist, a famous sex tape , marriage to rapper Kanye West and her ability to market herself.

Author Sean Smith says: “It’s as if Kim stood in front of the mirror and decided how best to utilise every bit of herself. Every part of her is worth something. Ironically, the one thing product-free is her most famous asset. Kim has no endorsements connected to her bottom.”

Here’s a breakdown of how she markets her body:

Chest: She models her Kardashian Kollection Intimates lingerie, Divinity Collection swimsuits and Muscle Flex sports bras.

Eyes: The Kardashian make-up range has 12 items including mascara, eye shadow and six types of fake eye lashes as well as sunglasses.

Feet: £1.6m for Sketchers Shape-Up shoes plug, also co-founded making £1.3m from sale in 2013.

Hair: Kardashian Beauty Hair Products include Black Seed Dry Oil, dryers, straighteners and she plugs Tria at-home laser hair removal system.

Bum: No specific endorsements, but Kim is said to have had her famously rounded bottom insured for $21m in 2014.

Lips: Eight shades of lipsticks and glosses raked in millions and she was also paid £970,000 to pucker up and promote a range of lollipops.

Nails: She has her own Kim-pletely In Love nail-varnish line with the OPI cosmetics giant.

Neck : Put to good use selling trinkets from her Belle Noel and Virgins, Angels, and Saints ranges of celebrity jewellery.

Skin: £650,000 for endorsing Perfect Skin range, £160,000 for her Glamour Tan, seven perfumes worth £12m and she plugs Fusion Beauty too.

Waist: Her share of £20million from Kard­ashian Kollection clothes plus £1.5m plugging QuikTrim weight-loss pills.

You can find out more about the book here.

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