Bake with Baby Powder

When I say bake, of course I mean bake your face. The term bake simply means letting translucent powder (setting powder) rest on your face (highlights) for about 10 minutes and dusting it off lightly making your face get as matte as it could, set your concealer and highlight all at the same time. Usually, this is done with the usual Ben Nye Banana powder or Sacha Buttercup powder.



But let’s switch it up a bit, let’s try baby powder!



It’s pretty much the same technique just use a beauty blender or makeup wedge to apply a whole lot of baby powder on the highlight areas (forehead, under the eyes, down the middle of your nose, right above your lips and on your chin) after highlighting with your concealer.

Leave to settle for about 5-10 minutes, and then use a fluffy brush to dust off the excess powder remaining. It absorbs all the oil, covers up creases and dark circles under the eye. I’ve personally tried it and it worked great for me. But had to be really careful when I brushed off the excess powder, to avoid having white patches on my face and it came out well blended and matte! It’s a quick and easier alternative to the usual powders and easily accessible from your own home.

Baking powder could also be used for a number of other things

  • Thicken your lashes
  • For waxing at home
  • As dry shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • And even to prevent your shoes from stinking up after a long wear.



Try and it and lets know how it worked for you!

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