A Company Wants Apple To Not Name It’s New iPhone 6S — Here’s Why

For most companies, an association with Apple would be a thrill. However, 6S Marketing, a digital agency based in New York, Toronto and Vancouver, feels differently. Crafted as a play on the word “success,” 6S Marketing has worked with companies such as Topshop and Cirque du Soleil in its 15 years of existence.

In advance of Apple’s latest tech announcement (which will take place September 9), 6S has released a massive public campaign to encourage Apple to not name its latest iPhone the 6S. In order to stop any confusion, 6S purchased billboard space in Times Square asking Apple to jump straight to the iPhone 7 instead of the 6S.




They’ve also parked a truck outside of the Apple store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.Apple typically only makes smaller changes to their phones before jumping to another number as in the upgrade from the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s. For their latest announcement, tech insiders believe the iPhone will only include small changes (such as making a rose-gold model or including a 12-megapixel camera), thus spurring the fears from 6S Marketing.

Whether or not 6S Marketing is truly fearful of the new iPhone or is merely milking the benefits of having the potential same name is not clear. But either way, they can claim bragging rights for thinking of “6S” first.


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